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About Us

Why us?

We work on every project with passion and commitment.

Our creative design team and ambitious executive team efficiently create
stores, commercial interiors, residental spaces and architectural projects.

We have 19 years of experience. Our extensive knowledge and skills guarantee that our investments are successful.

We have completed over 500 retail projects in Poland and abroad.

What we offer


We develop professional and residential spaces. Great ideas, functionality, smooth cooperation and our client’s success are our core values. Our unrivalled experience makes it possible for us to accept every project and treat it as a challenge.



We build by combining design and execution. Paying close attention to every project, we analyse each tiny detail and solve all problems. We listen carefully. You can contact us anytime, at any stage of the implementation.


Furniture production

We produce original store furniture and furnishings for public utility spaces focusing on modern design, functionality and well-considered details.


Technical services

We offer technical analysis for your investments. This is an initial stage which often allows our business partners to take better decisions, estimate budgets and accurately calculate the time that will be necessary to complete a project.



We can assist you with sales or service networks maintenance. Our universal executive team offers sales network maintenance all over the country. We will efficiently redecorate your facility, change your furniture or your advertising outfit.



Imperial / Warsaw / Atrium Promenada
A detached house / Lodz
A detached house / near Lodz Portfolio