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We design stores and we approach every project in a creative way. We focus on what’s best in design, combining it with functionality in a way that meets a client’s needs. We implement successful sales techniques.
We can create new store concepts and redesign old ones, too.

We develop commercial spaces in which design, functionality and environment work together and make the client and the employee feel good. We create offices, cinemas, clinics, restaurants, canteens, hair salons, dance schools and other types of interiors.

We offer interior design for commercial and service spaces. Our extensive experience, remarkable meticulousness and deep knowledge of Italian design make us take care of every little detail. We keep usability and ergonomics in mind all the time.

We design detached houses that are aesthetic and functional. They meet the needs of their prospective residents. We outline spaces with precision, so that they can be full of natural light. We explore and use the assets of every location in the most optimal way to create a custom-made home.

We design residential spaces: houses, apartments and flats. We do our best to create a story that will complement the space itself and the owner’s needs. We pay attention to the details that define the character of an interior.


We implement store designs, commercial spaces and private investments.

The process is faster and cheaper thanks to our comprehensive system.

The IDEAART executive team complies with the schedule and the budget. We coordinate our tasks with the owners of commercial spaces, service centres and with other institutions that participate in the process.

We execute turnkey projects

  • Analysis
  • Concept
  • Project
  • Estimated budget
  • Schedule

  • Execution
  • Delivery
  • Maintenance

The design-build system and the investment process that’s associated with it allows an investor to oversee the implementation of a project in terms of author’s supervision.

The fact that architects, construction experts and execution team members working on every stage communicate directly makes it possible to solve schedule conflicts efficiently. It’s also the reason why the investment process runs so smoothly.

We offer fit-out services for concepts and projects supplied by our customers.

Furniture production

We create custom-made furniture.

We’ve got unrivalled experience in creating complicated, custom-made furniture pieces for stores and other public utility spaces. We use our own original designs as well as those created by famous European brands.

We work with a wide range of materials such as steel, brass, stone, wood, furniture board, MDF, glass, laminate, sinter, acrylic glass and more.

We create retail merchandising units.

Our mobile furniture pieces are based on slat systems and cantilevers.

We’ve got a range of ready-made furniture that we can use in our projects.

We create advertising accessories, wall panelling, wallpaper and drapes, providing our customers with a complete service.


We provide cataloguing services for your premises. We assess investment prospects according to our customer’s needs.

We analyse the plot and planning options, exploring the possibilities to build a dream house or any other building for you.

We process all the paperwork on your behalf.

We offer technical advice at every stage of a project.


Since we’ve been active all over Poland for many years, we’re able to offer maintenance services for sales or service networks that are located in any region.

We provide our clients with a complete series of maintenance works that are scheduled according to the client’s needs.

On the basis of a cooperation agreement, we can also offer emergency service in case of a sudden malfunction.